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Tips for shipping internationally

A lot of shipping businesses can attest that cross-border online sales account for a huge amount of the total e-commerce orders. Owing to increased online shopping, experts estimate a rise in international shipments by double by the end of this year. However, small shipping businesses encounter challenges when shipping a package internationally. Despite using the renowned UPS and FedEx companies’ issues such as rules and regulations used in various countries affect the smooth operation of shipping boxes. Additionally, these small shipping businesses may be oblivious to issues like international marketing, website localization or even currency transactions. Here are some pointers to help a small online retailer get started.

Select the products wisely

While some products sell well locally, they may not be suitable candidates for international trade. Small and light packages can be shipped quickly compared to big ones. For example, a ranch retailer who specializes in horse feeders recently received an order for Israel. The retailer sends the feeders at $140 locally, but the cost of shipping them to Israel would cost more than $1500; making it a pretty uneconomical venture.

Understand the country’s rules and regulations

Various countries have different shipping policies and procedures. Vietnam, for example, makes it illegal to import calendars from foreign countries (for commercial purposes). Therefore, online retailers may send smaller batches of calendars as it is illegal. Luckily, UPS provides a list of international shipping information regulations that apply to various countries. When you have typed the target country’s name, UPS displays all the info. about all the requirements.

Estimate the shipping costs

Before sending an order, it is important first to understand the cost of sending that order. Note that different set of rules apply when it comes to cross-border transactions. While a t-shirt is not subject to duties and taxes when shipped locally, they apply when the same item is shipped abroad. A customer may even refuse to buy an item that requires a sudden $30 duty on top of the purchase price. Fortunately, established carriers services like UPS and FedEx provide tools that allow retailers to calculate the landed cost before shipping an item.

Hiring fulfillment services

These services relieve retailers lots of stress as they just have to pay a flat fee per order and the fulfillment service labels, packages, ships and monitors all the daunting rules and regulations. What’s more, most fulfillment services set up warehouses globally so that both retailers and their end customers deal with fulfillment services facilities only.

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